About Us

JOLUNG has been established for 13 years in automobile parts industry,specializes in automobile headlight and tail lamp assembly.It is a large trading platform with many auto light assembly supply chains.
The products are from more than 10 qualified professional automobile headlights and taillights manufacturers. JOLUNG's headlights include more than 10 car brands, such as BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Toyota, Honda and other popular brands.The total number of headlights is more than one hundred. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, JOLUNG keeps improving and updating constantly to provide customers with high-quality assurance of headlights, taillight assembly and services.JOLUNG not only pursues full range of products, pays attention to quality control and customer experience, Multi warehouse operation and multi-channel delivery also enable your JOLUNG headlights are delivered to you as quickly as possible.You can always trust JOLUNG, and the goal of all JOLUNG teams is to bring customers a wonderful experience.