Warranty Policy

180 days Replacement Warranty

At JOLUNG, we provide a 180-day replacement warranty but must comply with the following general warranty rules:


  1. Certain products are warranted by the manufacturer. Therefore, if you have any questions about the warranty, please contact us before making a purchase.

  1. All products subject to a warranty claim must contain a defect in workmanship or material. The warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear of products; products damaged due to environmental conditions including rain, snow, hail, salt, or natural disasters; products damaged due to accident or collision; or product damage caused by other faulty parts.

  1. All items must be in their original condition and not be damaged due to incorrect installation upon return. Products damaged as a result of abuse, misuse, improper repairs or maintenance, improper installation, alteration, or modification will not be covered by the warranty.

  1. Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. We will not reimburse any return shipping charges incurred.

  1. The warranty does not cover lost or stolen packages mailed back by the customer containing the parts being claimed under warranty. Because the customer is the shipper, he/she is the only one who can file any lost claim with the shipping company. Therefore, the claim must be coordinated and processed through the shipping company by the customer.

  1. When enacting a warranty claim, JOLUNG will need to verify that you are the original purchaser and require photos of the defective or damaged part(s). You must provide a copy of the bill of sale, a valid order number or other transactional documentation to verify your purchase. We advise storing your receipt in your glovebox, or printing your order confirmation e-mail for safe keeping.

As our application data is continuously monitored and updated, product, if purchased from unauthorized resellers on the internet, such as from Amazon, eBay and some of their resellers, you are at risk of not getting the correct parts for your vehicle and the warranty above is invalid! Furthermore, you also risk substandard customer service as they are not specialists in what we do. No one takes care of you like we do!