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JOLUNG Full OLED Tail Lights Assembly For BMW M4 F32 F33 F36 F82 F83 2013-2018

JOLUNG Full OLED Tail Lights Assembly For BMW M4 F32 F33 F36 F82 F83 2013-2018

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SKU: ‎JAB-F32-1318-HR

Perfect for BMW M4 F32 F33 F36 F82 F83 2013-2018

1.Sturdy and Durable.
2.High lumen output and stable performance.
3. Water-resistant and anti-corrosion, can be used in the rain or harsh environments.

1.Brand: JOLUNG.
2.Certifications: DOT, SAE.
3.Item Type: Headlight Assembly.
4.Material: ABS,PMMA,Plastic Housing / Polycarbonate Lens.
5.Special Features: DRL, LED Light, Sequential Turn Signals.
6.Bulb Type: LED.

Exact Matches】
Headlights/ Tail lights assembly perfect for BMW M4 F32 F33 F36 F82 F83 2013-2018.

Tail lights feature dynamic sequential turning lights, a very cool and exciting design. When starting the vehicle, the driving lights will have a dragon scale style dynamic animation that lasts 2-4 seconds, it looks great when it's turned on the tail lights at night. Full OLED lights, digital OLED in the tail lights that reflect individuality, flexible display technology, and multi-zone independent display, the tail lights will show different detailed animation effects, and convey steering information. Rear Light with its bright colors and personalized shape looks very cool and attractive, being the unique tail light selling point for BMW cars.

【Installation Method】
The Headlights/ tail lights are Plug And Play, customized according to the original car, perfectly fit your car without any modification, no need for extra blubs. Bright premium lighting makes driving safer for you and your family when the headlight/ tail light assembly is installed.

【Quality Assurance】
Approved by SAE and comply with DOT regulations,comply with rigorous quality and safety standards, Rigorously tested to provide smooth operation and hermetically sealed made to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions, and completely sealed to prevent moisture and dust from getting inside the housing.

【Package Included】
One pair of headlights/ tail lights. The headlight/Tail light combination includes a turning signal light, brake light, reverse light, and running light. Comes with a driver and passenger side.

【Assembly Warranty】
With 12 months warranty period, we guarantee the quality of products and an after-sales service guarantee. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

【Shipping Policy】
1.Our shipments will be prioritized from our warehouse in the U.S. to support free shipping within the U.S. It usually takes 3-7 days for delivery. If the item is out of stock from an overseas warehouse or you are restricted outside the US, we ship from another warehouse via international shipping (EMS, UPS, FedEx, or others), which takes about 10 days, additional shipping charges may apply depending on the country difference.
2.It should be noted that if you choose the EMS logistics method, it may take 1~2 month.
3.Shipping cost reference depends on the order address, product weight/size, and shipping method you choose: headlight: usually $60~$300, tail light: usually $20~$200.
4.We will ship within 24 hours after confirming your order.


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